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Each month, new information on brands and fashion designers. Also discover talented photographers, young designers and top models of tomorrow ...



In February, we are pleased to introduce Ksenia Vasylchenko. Model, photographer, Ksenia has kindly granted us a few words between two travels. Pretty, smiling, natural, we will not forget her and wish her much success in her various activities ...!

"Hi, my name is Ksenia Vasylchenko..."

"I was born in Ukraine. This is where I flew from to another country for the first time to work as a model..."

"...and after many years and many places I still didn't use to come and go, it is always exciting..."

"Discovering the world, people, myself..."

"Experiencing unexpected, trying to learn..."

"I have no certain plans for the future. I'll be continuing what I do, and let's see what will happen..." 

"I've become addicted to the camera, capturing almost everything I see..."

" became a real passion..."

"Sometimes I also express myself thru drawing..."

"Working with children with special needs last year I have remembered how valuable it is to be together, support each other, no matter how we look like and what we can do..." Ksenia Vasylchenko


It is now possible to personalize the Lady Dior bag (named as a tribute to Princess Diana)

Dior launches My Lady Dior, a personalization service that offers lucky colored enamel badges to customize its bag according to its desires. star, heart, rose or bee, reminiscent of the lucky charm of Christian Dior, or letters to compose his initials, the possibilities are endless...

ELIE SAAB, spring 2017

The new Elie Saab collection is inspired by the golden age of Egyptian and Arabic music and cinema from the years 1940-1960 ...

The models enchanted the audience, dressed in long robes embroidered with golden, hair elegantly wearing a silk scarf. Such as the Oriental princesses escaped from a modern tale of a thousand and one nights.

The dresses are adorned with rich decors; Tulle, sparkling crystals, silver and gold embroidery. For this superb collection, the main shades are light blue, pink and beige.

 Jacob & Co., Brilliant Full Baguette Rainbow

The epitome of elegance, the Brilliant Full Baguette collection demands an expert eye to select the perfect stones and the highest caliber of gem setting skills and talent to craft the masterful presentation of this timepiece.

The invisible setting of each and every gem creates a special treat for the eye with diamonds and precious stones artfully and precisely set to completely cover the case and dial.

ЕLENА, face of the month

Elena is our pretty "Face of the Month". With simplicity, natural, and the most charming smile, she reveals (a little) her life and her personality. Everything seems possible in the future for Elena and we wish her a brilliant career in diplomacy!

"Hello everyone, my family and my dear friends! I live in Moscow and I am a student in the last year at the Academy of Diplomacy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs..."

"I wish to become a diplomat. I love traveling. I am patriotic and I love my country! I am interested in the psychology of personal development, motivation, leadership and cognitive science. I can't live without social and leisure activities..."

"I lived a long time in Irkutsk, in the Buryatia Republic, near Lake Baikal which remained my only love. I am a creative person. Graduated from a ballet school, I write poems, I sing in three languages, and I dream of writing a book dedicated to those I love..."

"My dream is to discover Love, to create a great and happy family. I would also like to learn to play the piano in order to play and sing for my family and friends, especially Valentina and Daria who have become my sisters and whom I thank here...!" Elena N., Moscow January 2017

NE-TIGER, Fashion week 2017, Harbin

This new Ne-Tiger collection is inspired by the traditional culture of China.

For Zhang Zifeng, Creative Director of Ne-Tiger, traditional Chinese clothing can be worn around the world.

This new collection "Red China" skilfully blends luxurious silk and embroidery with western style elements to create a new exquisite Chinese fashion style.

Gigi & Bella HADID for FENDI

Gigi and Bella Hadid continue their triumphant march and the conquest of the fashion industry with dozens of covers and publicity campaigns.

This month, FENDI invited the two sisters to present the new collection of the Italian brand.

Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes

Manolo Blahnik Retrospective at the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum is preparing a beautiful surprise for all Fashion and nice shoes lovers, and for Carrie Bradshaw fans (Sex & the City)!

This exhibition is dedicated to the Spanish designer of luxury shoes Manolo Blahnik, this retrospective covers a period of 45 years ... There will be 6 different sections and among them the section Gala which will present the rarest models, especially those created especially for the Movie Marie-Antoinette from Sofia Coppola.

The "Heart" section is dedicated to personalities that are important to the creator: Rihanna, Cecil Beation, Brigitte Bardot...

 The exhibition will be open from 28 April to 29 July 2017

FREDERICK LEE Fashion Week 2017, Harbin

This new collection gives an interpretation of the Garden of Eden

Chinese tradition but western influence for this collection whose theme is sexuality, presented in an elegant and subtle way...

Resort Collection 2017, Elie Saab

Once again, Elie Saab called on perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to make this new perfume...

Each of the fashion creations of the Elie Saab brand is characterized by a touch of magic associated with an absolute femininity. This new composition of red and coral is fresh, floral and fruity...


Read the report on the Manufacture Roger Dubuis on our special page  « Geneva »

"Excalibur"                                                                 "Hommage"

Boutique Roger Dubuis 5 Place de la Fusterie, Geneva (near Rue du Rhône)

 Paris, Fashion Week 2017

The most beautiful Haute Couture shoes– Paris 2017 Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Schiaparelli, Elie Saab,…

"Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life..."

Imaan Hammam, Taylor Hill and Anna Ewer cover February Vogue

Dressed in Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, the trio display the classic high-voltage glamour that has been synonymous with supermodels for decades.

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