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Each month, new information on brands and fashion designers. Also discover talented photographers, young designers and top models of tomorrow ...


WANG Xi Ran (Crystal)

This month we are very proud to welcome WANG Xi Ran (Crystal) a famous Chinese top model, Crystal took part to numerous TV shows (I Super Model Season 2…), she also worked for numerous international magazines. Crystal is just coming back from NYC where she assisted to the new Victoria’s Secret exclusive fashion show, and she also worked with famous photographer...


Sesam Club: You are just back from the latest Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in NYC, what is your best memory of this unique fashion event? And which celebrity impressed you most?
Crystal: "It was a quite special experience for me. The best memory was that I went to the backstage twice, the day before the show and the day of the show, I met my Chinese model friends there, and I finally met my idol Candice and took photo with her! During the show, Ellie Goulding performed one of my favorite songs “Love Me Like You Do”, all of this are unforgettable"

Sesam Club: You know the proverb “the best way to reach a man’s heart pass through his stomach”? Are you a good cook? Which type of dish or food you like most?
Crystal: "Ha ha, he might as well see how to reach my heart. I did learn cooking from my mother when I was in junior high, but I never get the chance to “show off”. It has been busy ever since I went college, and then work, I hope I will have time to practice my cooking skills. I grew up in a coastal city, and I have always liked fresh seafood. Hence, I like Japanese dishes, light and fresh..."

Sesam Club: Each color has a meaning. What is your favorite one? Which color represents you?
Crystal: "My favorite color is light pink, it’s dreamy and delicate. And for the color represents me... I would say red, passionate and pure"  

Sesam Club: You look gorgeous both in traditional Chinese clothes and in sexy lingerie, but what is your own clothes and accessories style?
Crystal: "My job requires me to try all kinds of outfits, and to show different styles. But in daily life, I just want to be myself, to feel free, because I tend to avoid the sense of restraint. Normally I would wear casual clothes, and the only principle is to feel comfortable"

Sesam Club: Who is your favorite fashion designer or brand?
Crystal: "Of course I like those big brands, such as Chanel, Valentino, D&G... but I like the haute couture brands more, those with completely handmade gowns, such as Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad... I hope I could invite a designer from Elie Saab to design a unique wedding gown for me when I will get married" 

Sesam Club: You travel a lot but you live in Beijing, could you give us your 3 favorite places in this city? (shop, restaurant or bar, museum…)
Crystal: "Beijing is an old and new city, and that is what I like most about it, the mix of tradition and modern. My college is in the east part of the city, and my favorite place nearby is South Luo Gu Lane, with its old buildings, and numerous bistros, boutiques, and theaters! Before the re-construction, Da Zha Lan was one of my favorite places, it was the most lively area of the old Beijing, you can find the oldest cinema of the city and theaters from old time there. I liked to visit DAD several years ago, it is an area altered from old factories, and now it is full of art galleries, cafes, bistros" 

Sesam Club: When you were a little girl, becoming a top model was already a dream? How did you become a model?
Crystal: "I like to take photos since I was a little girl. Later on, when I went to college, some photography studio saw the photos I posted online, and invited me to take photo samples as a model... and that is how I start my career as a model, till today"

Sesam Club: Modeling is very demanding and tiring work, is there place for a hobby in your life? (sport, dancing, singing,…)
Crystal: "True, modeling could be very tiring sometimes. When I first arrived in Beijing, I had a loose period of life, because I was finally “free from parents”... you know what I mean, and I used to stay in the bars till late at night. And now, when I’m free, I would hit the gym, listen to music and read books, but it is a pity there isn’t much free time for me to do all this. Besides modeling, I’m still running a studio, and I have plans for records, also other works about films and TV..." 

Sesam Club: If you have an opportunity to meet a celebrity, who would you like meet? (singer, writer, musician, fashion designer...)
Crystal: "I have a long list of celebrities I want to meet, and I am young, so I believe I have pretty big chance to meet most of them, I would rather not to limit it to only one person particularly!"

Sesam Club: This interview will be translated into French and also published in France, have you been to Paris already? Do you have future modeling plans in France or in Europe?

Crystal: "I think all the girls have their own version of Paris in mind, and I would love to visit the city. It is a city full of beautiful ancient architects, and numerous museums, besides, Paris is also the capital of fashion and romance, I have no doubt I will be there one day. Of course I would be glad if I have an opportunity to work in France or other European country. And I would like to take this opportunity to give our best wishes to France, especially Paris, and we hope everything will be fine soon"  

Sesam Club: On the beach, one or two pieces swimsuit?
Crystal: "You would never guess that I actually prefer one piece. I like to swim, so one piece fits better.!"

Sesam Club: What is your smartphone playlist?
Crystal: "It would be either sad love songs with sentimental lyric and melody, or lively music with strong rhythm. These two are in the list for sure, seems kind of polarized, isn’t it?"

Sesam Club: Your major in college was acting, do you find it helpful for your modeling career? Between acting and modeling, which role do you prefer?
Crystal: "The Central Academy of Drama is one of the most famous colleges of acting arts in China, and my major does help me a lot when it comes to modeling. The photo shoots always have a theme, which you have to perform, and the photo is just a form of showing it. I spend more time on modeling currently, but if there are good scripts, I wish to spend more time on the big screen, it depends..."

Sesam Club: You travel a lot for work, so what do you do usually for holidays? Do you have a favorite place to relax?
Crystal: "I have been exhausted recently. I slept 3 or 4 hours after coming back from NYC, just before I went to another photo shoot. I really want to have some free time to meet my friends, or go for a trip somewhere beautiful that I could relax myself, wake without alarm, take a SPA, just to let the day pass like that..."

"For Sesam Club, with Love, Crystal" New-York, Novembre 2015


A cosmic tree for an extraordinary Christmas

To celebrate Christmas from Another Planet, come and see the amazing Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Christmas tree!

The Disney Store arrives at Coupole

The Disney Store joins Galeries Lafayette Haussmann bringing 370m² of floor space dedicated to dreams, on the 4th floor of Coupole!

Intergalactic windows

Boulevard Haussmann, the windows of Galeries Lafayette become an intergalactic full of humor universe...



40, bd Haussmann - 75009 Paris 




OUD, the new Francis Kurkdjian perfume...

...with vanilla flowers and violet notes...


You've discovered her on our last fashion page. Our October's mysterious girl name is Xuili Long (Lina). she talks about herself....

“Hello, my name is Lina, I am a Chinese girl and I live in Jinhua (Zhejiang). I have a warm and open character, easygoing, and I like to communicate with others..."

"I am a student and I am doing my bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Theater, Film and Literature. I have a great interest in photography, film industry, writing. I've been dancing since childhood. I used to study classic dance and ballet, but now I'm more interested in ballroom and modern dancing. My favorite dances are cowboy-style and waltz!"

"I have a lot of hobbies, and my life is full of bright colors. I like to draw Chinese paintings and I also play theater.
I like sports, especially cycling and jogging, but unfortunately I can’t swim!)
I'm also invited sometimes to participate to some commercial performances, and i am involved in films and videos production..."

"Food is delicious in China, and my favorite dish is "Sichuan hot-pot", you should try it if you have the opportunity, but be careful, it's very spicy!”


"Welcome to China!!" Lina


“One city, one perfume”. There are now 5 special and exclusive editions of GUERLAIN perfumes corresponding to 5 cities: Paris: Cour des Senteurs Versailles , London: Royal Extract, Dubai: Santal Royal, New York: L'Instant Magic..

...and of course Moscow Le Bolshoï Black Swan!


Our favorite of the month..!


Estet Fashion Week, Moscow

Slava Zaitsev (77 yers old) never ceases to enchant the catwalks...

...his name has become synonymous with exquisite taste and haute-couture in Russia.

Evening dresses are characterized by the abundance of transparent fabrics...


1/ enamel icon, pink gold and diamonds, a new Delaneau model.
2/ jasper model from Madagascar (special variety of jasper), yellow gold and diamonds.


Who is our mysterious girl of the month? patient... find out, go next month on our January 2016 fashion page!)


Mob in the street and madness on the internet for the new Balmain collection for H & M!


Portraits of a James Bond girl...

Léa Seydoux, French actress (she plays recently with Monica Bellucci in the latest James Bond) photographed by Eric Guillermain for GQ Italy, and Emma Tempest for The Edit, November 2015...


Jimmy Choo has recreated Cinderella's shoes... 

These magical shoes are adorned with rhinestones and gemstones. But the dream has a price: 3495 euros.


Beach & Cashmere Monaco is a Fashion house created in 2005 in Monaco by Federica Spinetta Nardoni..

The brand produces swimwear, women's clothing and luxury accessories.

Beach and Cashmere is present mainly in Europe and the United States.


"Métiers d'Art"...

For this new collection, Vacheron Constantin brought together the expertise of 10 master craftsmen: Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery, Indian Book Illustration, French lace...


Stella Lucia for Vogue Japan, Décember 2015

For this new photosession, Stella Lucia, a young Austrian top model, muse of Chanel, McQueen, Fendi and Versace is photographed in romantic poses by Camilla Akrans.

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