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Each month, new information on brands and fashion designers. Also discover talented photographers, young designers and top models of tomorrow ...



This month we are pleased to present Jiang Yunxuan. Jiang is already very famous in China. She has successfully participated in numerous competitions. She also took part recently of the popular TV show "I SuperModel" (Season 2). In her top model career she has worked for Bazaar, Marie Claire, L'Officiel, Grazia, Cosmo, and successful commercials.

In 12 questions, here is her exclusive interview for SESAM CLUB 

Sesam Club: In a plane, aisle or window seat?
Jiang Yunxuan: "Definitely window seat. Every time I can see different views outside the window, and it gives me the feeling of flying through the clouds..."  

Sesam Club: What is your best and worst memory/experience in your model career?
Jiang Yunxuan: "Modeling is a career that appears to be stunning and glorious, but it is certainly not an easy job behind the scenes, though I do enjoy working while traveling. I remember one time I was in Tibet for photo shooting, the car bounced along a rough winding mountain road for TEN hours, just to find the most beautiful forest of peach blossom and a better view of the snow mountain. Another time in New York, during deep winter, I was alone outside for casting with my book, it was super cold with blizzard… I got lost and my shoes were completely wet because of the snow… rather pitiful)"

Sesam Club: 3 indispensable things you never forget to put in your bag when travelling?
Jiang Yunxuan: "cellphone, purse, keys"

Sesam Club: Who is the person you admire most..?
Jiang Yunxuan: "Anne Hathaway" 

Sesam Club: What is your favorite drink when you go out, champagne or mojito?
Jiang Yunxuan: "I prefer wine when I go out for dinner or for fun, but sometimes I would have mojito… depends on my mood actually"

Sesam Club: Who is your favorite fashion designer? (or brand)
Jiang Yunxuan: "Marchesa! Their evening dresses are fairy. I hope I would have a chance to wear one piece some day… it’s so beautiful that I could cry for it"

Sesam Club: On the beach, one or two pieces swimsuit?
Jiang Yunxuan: "Two pieces, sometimes with a lace smock" 

Sesam Club: Your favorite destinations?
Jiang Yunxuan: "I love traveling, for example my next station will be the romantic Paris. I also would like to visit Japan in cherry blossom season… and I want to go to Dubai and Switzerland. I’d like to enjoy the local culture and food"

Sesam Club: If you were not a top model, what would be your career?
Jiang Yunxuan: "Fashion designer, and create my own brand. It would be fun to be model for my own designs))"

Sesam Club: What is your smartphone playlist?
Jiang Yunxuan: "Piano music and English pop songs"

Sesam Club: You took part recently of the famous TV Show “I Super Model”, what is your best memory of this show?
Jiang Yunxuan: "The most impressive experience was a photo shooting in a cemetery yard in London, it was scary and gloomy, and my look as a ghost doll would be perfect to scare people for Halloween!))" 

Sesam Club: Modeling is a very hard work, how do you see yourself 10 years later?
Jiang Yunxuan: "10 years later… I don’t know really, no one can tell until it comes. But I believe that as long as I have a plan and work hard for it, I will achieve it one day. I hope I will have a nice family; my career, a person who loves me deeply, and a cute baby… this is all I need to be happy…"


CHARRIOL participated in the second edition of the FRENCH CLASSIC RIVIERA, car, bike and boat prestige and collection fair.

Philippe CHARRIOL outlined his splendid CHARRIOL SF10 race car


At the fair, Marie-Olga CHARRIOL introduced the CHARRIOL GRAND CELTICA SuperSports Automatic Chronograph watch. 

SLAVA ZAITSEV « Drawings from Life »

"This collection is a complex ligature that Time embroidered on the canvas of Destiny..."

"Searching for a place of harmony where personal life appears in color..."

Photos and texts


To women, Girard-Perregaux dedicates Haute Horlogerie pieces remarkable for their refinement and attention to detail... 

Works of art and technical marvels, complex models such as the jewelled Cat’s Eye Tourbillon with gold Bridge test the expertise of the most talented watchmakers, guilloche work specialists and mother of pearl experts to the utmost.


“One city, one perfume”. There are now 5 special and exclusive editions of GUERLAIN perfumes corresponding to 5 cities: Paris: Cour des Senteurs Versailles , London: Royal Extract, Dubai: Santal Royal, New York: L'Instant Magic...

...and of course for Moscow the Bolshoï Black Swan!


COMME DES GARCONS, spring-summer 2016

Fashion week in Paris : Comme Des Garçons fashion show

"With this new collection, the designer gives to each of us complete freedom to interpret the masked ball..."

"Finally, in the fashion industry, there is a place for trade but also for an ultra-conceptual vanguard approach"


You've discovered her on our last fashion page. Our October's mysterious girl name is Xu Yiting. Yiting talks about herself....

"Hello, my name is Xu Yiting, a Chinese girl who lives in Hefei. Actually, I am a senior student in college. Next year I will go to England to further my study and I am very excited about it" 

"The search of beauty is a girl's nature, and i am not an exception. Matching clothes and selecting perfect accessories for them is one of my hobbies which makes me happy. Of course I like fashion, browsing some fashion blogs is gradually becoming a daily thing for me..."

"In the future, I would like to become a teacher because sharing helpful knowledge gives me such a sense of satisfaction that I would love to make it my career..."

"I am not a professional model but I like photography because it records some beautiful moments of my life..."


Marion Cotillard in the new Lady Dior. Cruise 2016 advertising.

Cooperation between Marion Cotillard and Dior is expected to continue despite the departure of Raf Simons, artistic director of the brand.

On the bed covered with luxurious silk linen are scattered buttons and peony petals, Christian Dior's favorite flowers...

DEMURYA, spring-summer 2016

The new advertising campaign of the brand is a perfect balance between luxury and relaxation...

For this new collection, DEMURYA found inspiration in Barcelona and in the sun of Catalunya.


Black and red colors dominate the new collection of the famous Italian brand...

Black for everyday and red when you want to be admired.... (and you'll be in these gorgeous escarpins!)


Who is our mysterious girl of the month?

Be patient.... find out, go next month on our December fashion page!)


Lara Stone and Freya Beha Eriksen for W Magazine. November 2015

It is in the very romantic atmosphere of Paris that Peter Lindbergh, the photographer of the stars, gathered Lara Stone and Freja Beha Eriksen.

Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg

SENZ, new collection

This umbrella is revolutionary!

Thanks to its aerodynamic shape, it finds its form in the wind and did not return, even by winds of 100 km/h! The SENZ umbrellas are tested in the most extreme conditions and this brand accumulates awards for its patents.


"The famous British supermodel, one of Victoria's Secret Angels, became the heroine of the cover of the latest VOGUE issue" 

"Ethnic patterns and nostalgia for the hippie movement are the main trends of this photosession.."

photos and texts


We are conditioned by our adult lives but the child that is in us demand for new horizons, emotions and surprises...!

Each of us has dreamed at least once in his life to be in the past, at the time of the Medici or Madame de Pompadour? This jewelry collection reveals some of the secrets of this mysterious past...

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