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Liza is pretty, very pretty, but in reading this interview, you will also discover that she is much more than a pretty face. And she has a lot to teach us… Moreover, Liza loves two of our favorite countries: China and France…and she talks very well about those two countries. Liza, thank you for those words full of joy, passion and dreams. We are happy and proud to have such a wonderful new muse!

"Hello! My name is Lisa. My life is very interesting and full of adventures. I have always been original. I mean, I always did something by different way, not like other people do. I think it’s very boring living by patterns imposed by society. It’s important to be able listen your inner voice, and follow your heart. Maybe it sounds corny, but it’s a way..."

"I was born in Belarus. But, by a twist of fate, there is more than 3 years since I live, study and work in Beijing. The idea to go to China arose spontaneously ( I often do things spontaneously). Firstly I was attracted by the mysterious world of the characters. In order to get closer to this world, I started to learn Chinese. But I realized very fast that learn a language (especially such a specific one) best of all in the country of language, through everyday’s communications with native speakers. So I decided to go to China. Moreover some new adventures is always good"

"Surprisingly, the Chinese language was very easy to me. After 2 years I passed the highest level of language and enrolled in a master's degree in international relations and diplomacy. I would say that my life is divided into two parts- before and after China. I love China with some special love. Although, the longer you stay in China, the more everything seems mundane, the more things start to irritate, but one thing remains constant - the friendliness of the Chinese people. When it comes to any interpersonal contacts, sometimes I marvel how positive and friendly they are to us, foreigners. Although of course I don’t have a plan to live here all my life, but I would sincerely recommend to all young people try to live in China for some few years, it will completely change your mind. Priceless life experience..."

"In China there is way more opportunities to try yourself in different spheres. I did so many different things here… I use to be a teacher of Belarussian language in one of Beijing’s university. Also use to work on the Central TV of China. But I realized very fast that work in office it’s too boring for me. There is nothing worst than monotony. The philosophy of my life – no dullness and monotony. I always said that monotony and death is almost the same, adventure may hurt, but monotony will kill you. That’s why I chose the brightest, and certainly not monotonous occupation, it is acting. Every new day of actor brings something new and unpredictable. It's just amazing. Acting is very hard work, but the emotions that you get on the movie set definitely worth it. I had just a couple of leading roles, more supporting roles and cameos..."

But it’s just a beginning. The most important is to do everything with love, and some good result will not keep itself waiting "long. When I don’t have movie shooting I work also like a model. Type of Slavic blue-eyed blondes is very demanded in China. After I learned well Chinese, I finally got time to learn French, my favorite language. I love France, French language, cuisine, cinema... Paris is the most beautiful city of all, where I’ve been. For me it’s the capital of the world. Endless source of inspiration. I'm a fan of old French movies. Also Louis de Funes is a veritable encyclopedia for actors. Modern cinema is also pretty good..."

"Besides France I also have another source of inspiration. People, any people are inspiring me. Sometimes I just want to hug the whole world. Life of every single person is own unique story and plot for at least a couple of good movies. And if the director would make a movie about my life, it would be called, perhaps, "Everything or nothing". I'm an emotional type of people. People who know me best say that I'm a person of mood. That’s true. You can always read everything on my face. I do not like hypocrisy and insincerity. Despite the apparent softness, I am very impulsive and sometimes prone to spontaneous actions. I make decisions fast and basically don't change them. I believe that everything is possible in our life. Important part is to know what do you want and make some efforts, perhaps even small. Plus a little luck and an unshakable faith in yourself..."

"I also love travelling. I even did my bachelor degree as manager in tourism. My dream is to travel all over the world. From any journey the person returns different. That’s true. I’d like to know many languages. After all, when we learn a language, we not only learn the words, we start to understand more about the history, traditions and customs of new countries. It's very interesting to discover more and more our vast world. Well, to the extent possible I will try get closer to my dream. And the most exciting journey is our life. I wish you all lots of bright, fabulous, colorful moments in your life! And, most importantly, do not stop dreaming! Even the craziest dreams tend to come true!"


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"Excalibur"                                                                 "Hommage"

Boutique Roger Dubuis 5 Place de la Fusterie, Genève (proximité Rue du Rhône)

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Winter is over, the heels are back!

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xiuli long (Alina)

For this new presentation on our blog, we asked 10 (short) questions to Alina  

Sesam Club: Alina, are you rather sport or dance? 
Alina: I like both. I learned dancing for many years, Chinese dance, Latin dance and modern dance.

Sesam Club: Every color has a meaning. What is your favorite one?
Alina:Black and red.

Sesam Club: What kind of music in your smartphone?
Alina: Music is very important for me. I like soft songs, but also dance music And my favorite group is Coldplay.

Sesam Club: If you were a musical instrument?
Alina: Ahahah, I like this question! I would like to be a piano. 

Sesam Club: This interview will be translated into French and also published in France, have you been to Paris already?
Alina: I’ve never been to Paris but I dream to go there, and I plan to visit Europe in a very near future.

Sesam Club: On the beach, one or two pieces swimsuit?
Alina: I like both and if I go to the beach for a long time, I will bring many swimsuits. One different for every day.

Sesam Club: You know the proverb “the best way to reach a man’s heart pass through his stomach”? Are you a good cook? Which type of dish or food you like most? 
Alina: I think I am a good cook! Cooking is one of my hobbies when I have free time, and my favorite dish is Hot Pot! 

Sesam Club: On a plane, aisle or window seat?
Alina: Window seat.

Sesam Club: 3 indispensable things you never forget to put in your bag when travelling?
Alina: Phone, Id card, bank cards, charger...

Sesam Club: Alina, how do you see yourself 10 years later?
Alina: Ten years later, I hope I will still have an optimistic state of mind, a healthy body. Thought more mature, more lively life, and people I love around me.



To create its bags, Ante Kovac uses only natural leather and metal supplies. The brand happily combines vibrant and natural colors...

The convertible bags can be worn alone or combined with other elements.

Ante Kovac is known and appreciated for a long time in Russia. 


Kata is our favorite "Tattoo Model"

St Petersbourg, new city, new life for Kata

Interview and new photos on our next Fashion page...


From 26 to 28 May, Fashion Mood will be held St. Petersburg.

Registration before May 15th...


From Dior to Burberry….

Sabrina Bonesi left Dior to join Burberry where she will be responsible for leather products and shoes.

Calzedonia 2017

Summer is coming... the new Calzedonia collection on


Anastasia Mikhaylyuta for QG Mexico, photosession on the« Million Dollar Baby » thema...

Anastasia, famous Russian model who also practices boxing and martial arts, especially enjoyed this shooting!


OUD, the new Francis Kurkdjian perfume...

...with vanilla flowers and violet notes...


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