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In this section you will find regular tips about holidays and leisure activities in France, and in other countries.

Events, skiing, wine, gastronomy, golf, boating, culture, festivals, fashion shows, all topics will be discussed !



My name is Li FEI, I am Chinese (from Shenzhen) and I am fortunate enough to travel often to France and Switzerland...

For my third trip to Beaune I chose to travel in January. It is not the most touristic season to visit the area, but I absolutely wanted to participate in the Saint Vincent Tournante that my French winegrower friends have told me so much about! For this new stay in Beaune, after a lot of research on internet, I chose Le Cep, a beautiful hotel in the center of Beaune, in the hopes that the hotel would live up to the beautiful photos on the website.


"My taxi dropped me off in front of an ancient façade full of charm, and a smiling porter immediately stepped out to help me with my bags..."

"As soon as I stepped over the thresh-hold, a wonderful feeling of serenity and well-being overwhelmed me, the feeling that the beautiful ideal that we have of France is finally within reach, its old-style traditions, know-how and hospitality.
The first pleasant surprise was when I was greeted in Chinese, which was perfect because my French is quite basic, but also surprising in this small town! The owner of the hotel, Mr. Bernard, later explained to me his desire to have a multi-cultural staff that could easily respond to all requests from his international guests: China, Russia, USA…"

"...I had the choice between several types of rooms so I chose a recently renovated suite. Although it was not the most spacious nor the most luxurious in the hotel, this suite had one major surprise in store…
The porter led me to the suite 011 “Clos des Avaux” and explained to me that each room in Le Cep is named after a regional wine appellation (Premier Cru, Grand Cru…)..."


"The Hotel Le Cep is composed of several private mansions acquired over the years by the Bernard family, and we crossed several charming courtyards dating back to the 16th century, adorned with elements from that period (a well, turrets…) as well as more contemporary architecture (glass elevator, modern art sculptures), and a small French garden before finally arriving to the “Clos des Avaux”..."

"...My room was really quite spacious. Recently remodeled, this suite does not have the best view in the hotel but has one major asset that I really appreciated: it is extremely quiet..."

"The second pleasant surprise was in the bathroom. I have had the chance to travel frequently in some of the most beautiful hotels in the word, but a bathroom with a Jacuzzi and hammam is a rare pleasure! I thoroughly enjoyed this rare luxury…Mr. Bernard later explained to me that his latest project was a Wellness Center fully equipped with the latest technologies that would replace the existing fitness center..."

"In the evening I had planned to see my Swiss friends who had also come to enjoy the Saint-Vincent Tournante, and we met up at the bar of the hotel for an aperitif that was served to us by a wonderful barman, polite and full of good recommendations. His quiet professionalism, charming demeanor and pleasant smile are a wonderful cocktail all on their own, obviously greatly appreciated by regular guests.
As I hadn’t seen my Swiss friends in a while, and perhaps under the pleasant influence of the white wine, we only noticed at 9:45pm that we had not reserved a table for dinner at the restaurant “Loiseau des Vignes”, situated next to the hotel. Unfortunatley for us, this renowned restaurant, part of the famous Bernard Loiseau Group, was fully booked on the Saturday evening of the Saint Vincent and could not accept us for dinner (they have a wonderful concept which is to propose 70 different wines by the glass!)..."

"The barman obviously noticed our long faces and kindly proposed to serve us a (hearty) snack to avoid us searching for another restaurant at this time of evening. (restaurants in Beaune do not stay open as long as in Paris).
And that is how we ended up comfotably settled by the side of the fire in a classy and comfortable lounge at the Cep. This pleasant evening continued on into the night, and our neighbors were none other than a group of Americans coming to enjoy their 17th Saint Vincent!..."


"My Swiss friends, regulars at Le Cep, had warned me the previous evening “you’ll see, breakfast here is the best in France”. In fact, for Chinese guests who are used to sumptuous buffets for breakfast, the choice may at first appear to be limited, but this impression is quickly compensated by the quality of the products proposed (cold cuts, cheese, delicious fresh bread…) and for those who are up to it, excellent red wine… (we are really in Burgundy!)..."

"It is already time to leave. One last glance at this enchanting hotel, a few final words with Mr. Bernard, the hotel’s proud owner. I promised him to return the following year with Chinese friends, hopefully for a longer stay to allow me more time to thoroughly enjoy this magical place, an unavoidable address for all epicureans visiting Beaune.
Before leaving Beaune to enjoy the Saint Vincent festivities that took place this year in Vougeot and Gilly les Cîteaux, I took the time to visit the famous and breath-taking Hospices de Beaune located only 200m from the hotel..."

"...Beaune in the winter offers the same old-fashioned charm that one may notice during the off-season in resorts..."


"...There are plenty of lovely shops for clothing, decoration, antiques and of course numerous wine cellars and stores specialized in wine…"


Beaune, january 2015,

 Li FEI Editor, traveler, blogger



 I particularly enjoyed at Le Cep

The availability and politeness of the owner, Jean-Claude Bernard.

- The subtle yet refined luxury of the hotel, as well as its privileged location in the historical center of Beaune. The staff’s kindness. The comfort, peace and the spacious and well-equipped bathroom in my suite (011)

- An e-concierge application, very useful before, during and after your stay at Le Cep.






 27 rue Maufoux
21200 BEAUNE 
Tel : +33 (0)3 80 22 35 48 



"After regretfully leaving the hotel Le Cep, I grabbed a taxi to take me to the Saint Vincent parade, created in 1938 by the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, and which honors each year one or several neighboring villages..."

"This year, on January 24th and 25th, the villages on Gilly-Lès-Cîteaux and Vougeot were in charge of organizing this traditional wine event, under the watchful eye of the patron Saint Vincent, the guardian of the wine-growers!..." (photo StVT)

"During this event, history is ever present: we recall the 900 years of Cistercian presence in the Burgundian vineyards, enjoy a long walk on the “chemin des moines” (the monk’s path) from the Abbaye de Cîteaux, to the Château de Gilly-lès-Cîteaux and then the Château du Clos de Vougeot..." (photo StVT)

"During these two days, Burgundy lovers will discover and admire local heritage, as well as enjoy decorations and animations..."


"The Saint Vincent festivities are free but you can buy a tasting kit (engraved souvenir glass, map, tickets…) which will allow you to taste the 7 selected wines…
And so it ends, this short weekend has drawn to a close and alas I have to take the TGV back to Geneva....

Other countries and hotels await me, but as I watch the scenery fly by through the window of the train, I smile as deep down I already know that I will soon return to Burgundy…" Li FEI 





Located in Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy, the Caveau des Arches offers traditional cuisine in an exceptional setting, a beautiful cellar of the seventeenth century...

LE CAVEAU DES ARCHES 10 Boulevard de Perpreuil 21200 BEAUNE
Tél : Fax :

BOUCHARD Ainé & Fils, Beaune

In the "Hôtel du Conseiller du Roy" (a genuine Historical House) and its 18th century cellars...  

...we invite you to discover "The 5 senses Trail"...

...a unique fun-filled approach which will allow you to understand the importance of each of your senses in wine discovery.

To finish the tour, a tutored tasting will allow you to fully appreciate our Burgundy wines.


 Bouchard Aîné & Fils
4 boulevard Maréchal Foch
21200 BEAUNE
Tél. :




      "Au gré des vents, la nature découvrez, au coeur du bel azur ses atours admirez..."       

Our "favorit" in Burgundy!

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the vineyards of Burgundy with AIR ESCARGOT!

"7 o'clock in the morning, it is a beautiful summer day.... After helping to inflate the balloon, we are leaving on a flight over an hour! The balloon rises gently into the blue sky, already the first sensations, and the first pictures! Deers out of a wood, the image of the balloon is reflected in a lake, the air is fresh and sweet...."

That day, Pierre (the pilot) is mounted very high, he wanted us to see the Mont Blanc..., it is already time to descend and land amid bales of hay! A glass of champagne with the team of Air Escargot and other passengers continues the dream and the memories of that first flight to remember..!". Elena K. (Saint-Petersbourg) Summer memories 


* L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération

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