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Each month we present a different city or region in the page "travel", and in this page "lifestyle", you will find some local addresses carefully selected for their reputation, their sense of hospitality, expertise or excellence of their products. Art Gallery, real estate, tourist, luxury brand, luxury car dealership, winery, spa, and many more ... Everyone will welcome you and advise you best. If you are looking for the best of a city or region, you may find it here...

WORLD NEWS 08/2010


This month, SESAM CLUB is proud to present Luba, a young russian artist who lives now in Australia...!


Liubov Igorevna Bilston
Luba was born in St.Petersburg, Russia, she is now an Australian Resident and lives in Australia, Gold Coast.

"I work with Oil, Acrylic and fabric paints on a canvas,pure silkand and fabric.
My works reflect my private world and intertwine with my mood, expressed in a combination of paints and semitones".



New, La Casa del Habano in Moscow now!

Store lounge (lounge), the best Cuban cigars and accessories. World Brand LA Casa del Habano now at the heart of the city! A unique place for buying and smoking cigars. New concept of club shop! At the end of 2009, there was a big event in Moscow. All smokers and cigar lovers expecting a surprise - the opening of a unique boutique cigars - a boutique salon brand "La Casa del Habano. La Casa del Habano is present in the world - a presentation of the best cigars and accessories. By 2009, only six representatives from around the world have succeeded in signing a contract to open a store network. The best Cuban cigars, many of which are available for these shops, cigar accessories. Store room, and two areas hyumidornaya intimate and luxurious for smokers, business meetings, tastings and club days. 



A few years ago as mayor of Moscow, in the cultural and business "Manor Center complex opened on" Governor ", which includes a restaurant, a cafe and a cigar lounge.

Its opening was immediately attracted the attention of critics and journalists in his particular style restaurant, luxurious interior and original experimental kitchen.

We are pleased to offer our customers a delicious and varied menu, pleasant ambience, cuisine to excellent quality, renowned chef. The elegant, the cigar lover will appreciate the wide range of Cuban and Dominican cigars, cognacs few of the best brands.

We also offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the view of Moscow as the glass dome on the 15-storey complex, which in clear weather offers an unforgettable view of the capital. Free parking is monitored. Safety discreet and sensitive, attentive staff



Вашему вниманию
изысканная авторская кухня,
роскошные интерьеры
(VIP-зал, веранда, основной зал, кофейня, чайная, сигарная комната)

Специальное предложение – уникальная башня на 15-ом этаже комплекса.

Вы можете заказать столик
или пропуск для Вашего автомобиля
по тел. 797 26 82, 785 17 23 доб. 20 41

Ждем Вас по адресу Вознесенский пер., 22
(сразу за зданием московской мэрии на Тверской)





Educational center Aristotel is a team of talented professors, who are the authors of high-performance child education method.




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Nous souhaitons également présenter les principales destinations touristiques, culturelles et économiques mondiales. Parmi les éditions précédentes : Bruges, Saint-Barthélemy, la Thaïlande et prochainement, la Russie, Saint-Petersbourg, Moscou, Londres, et beaucoup d’autres destinations (et en particulier la Chine, pays dans lequel nous avons beaucoup de contacts et de nombreuses demandes de partenariats).
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AVANT MODELS Moscou nous présente régulièrement les top models de demain : (Варвара Шутова, Лaна Росс, Милана Круз,…)


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