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Each month we present a different city or region in the page "travel", and in this page "lifestyle", you will find some local addresses carefully selected for their reputation, their sense of hospitality, expertise or excellence of their products. Art Gallery, real estate, tourist, luxury brand, luxury car dealership, winery, spa, and many more ... Everyone will welcome you and advise you best. If you are looking for the best of a city or region, you may find it here...



Exhibitor at the first edition of Lille Art Fair, in 2008, Galerie Collégiale was re-founded in October 2009 in the district of Moulins, led by Véronique Dalle, art expert since 1981, graduated from the Ecole du Louvre. Galerie Collégiale regularly exhibits internationally recognized artists.

                    Lisbeth DELISLE « Et Voilà »                              Lisbeth DELISLE « Jeune fille au chapeau rouge »

                   Roch VANDROMME « Petit ours debout »                                 Roch VANDROMME « Taureau »


15 rue de Seclin 59000 LILLE
Email :
+33 (0)3 20 97 70 05 ou + 33 (0)6 07 90 46 28

             François HOUTIN « Syrinx dressé »                                    François MARTINACHE « Golden Sac »




"It's a sunny day in May 2011 and I arrive in Lille, in the heart of northern France. A town with cobbled streets and elegant architecture...

In this city there is a magical place where I will have the chance to stay for 2 days. And I soon discover its ocher facade of the 15th century, the gears of its roof .... "HERMITAGE GANTOIS" is written on the wall...

Just entered the lobby, I immediately dive in the heart of an artistic universe. There reigns a perfect blend of french classical and contemporary art. The lobby is bathed in light through the large windows in the ceiling wich illuminates the walls. The sunlight plays with the interior space and make it bright and unreal. I discover already many paintings, colorful studies of modern artists, abstract art sculptures, and many works of art.

I walk into the lobby, one can hear the sound of a piano - a Chopin waltz, the tinkling of champagne glasses, conversations in French ...This area exudes life. A cocktail combining original and surprising ancient and post modern artistic styles , classic and “avant-garde”.I continue my discovery of the place, it's really exciting to look for the other secrets hidden behind these walls .... I discover a huge Gothic vault, there are stained glass, sculptures and a composition of orchids on the table ...Another door opens into a replica of a real museum room ... A checkerboard tiled floor, purple chairs, fireplace, and paintings that cover all the walls ...

But it's not anything that can surprise the customers of this magical place. The most extraordinary thing is probably a real chapel, adjacent to the lobby and its discreet door does not allow imagine its presence…!

I leave the chapel to enter a world dedicated to modern and postmodern art. There prevails an experimental mix of different eras and different styles, classic gothic, baroque, post-impressionism and cubism, post modern pop art, post modern or ancient sculptures ....

The Hermitage Gantois is not just a luxury 5-star hotel, it's also a mysterious and original art space that will immerse everyone in a unique atmosphere. The hotel regularly organizes exhibitions and concerts. Lights, floral arrangements, many details need attention. Customers can find a spiritual intimacy in the chapel or library, have a coffee or tea in the warmth of a fireplace, enjoy the luxury of the place in atmospheres and styles of different times. Or simply relax in one of the charming hidden gardens...

As an artist, I was so impressed that I naturally want to join this place dedicated to art. And Sunday morning, shortly before I left, I sat at the piano, the inspiration led me to Bach prelude and "The creation of the earth." The sounds seemed to blend into the sunlight of huge windows dripping from the ceiling. I played surrounded by works of art from all periods. It's really a unique place, whose walls echo of styles and experiences. Except these artistic encounters, the guests will appreciate special time, symbols of the “belle France”, for example a glass of champagne served at the bar, or the wonderful buffet breakfast (including many different French cheeses!)...

The weekend ends, it is already time to leave. I look at the front of the hotel, and I know it will not be the last. Without exaggeration, this place is unforgettable, and I would return again and again..."





(*Elena Yangicher is a young talented painter from Moscow. We will publish soon some of her last works.)





Musée Matisse Cateau-Cambrésis

With over 30 museums, the region of Nord/Pas de Calais is one of the most active in France, and the second after the Ile de France for the density of museums. Among them, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille (considered as one of the richest museums in the provinces), the Matisse Museum in Cateau-Cambrai and La Piscine in Roubaix to mention only the two most recent.

La Piscine - Roubaix

We should also mention LILLE ART FAIR, European Fair of contemporary art that takes place every year at the Grand Palais.


2012. Opening of the Museum Louvre-Lens, an innovative museum, accessible to all audiences and closer to them. Unlike most other museums, the Louvre-Lens will not have personal collections. The Louvre Museum (Paris) will make available some of its collections and there will be many temporary exhibitions.  

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